The Quick List: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Eating Unhealthy (And How to Change It)

No time to overanalyze your unhealthy eating habits? Let me help you. Here are 9 reasons why you can’t kick the habits and their respective quick fixes. Life is certainly more complicated than these suggestions but they will at least steer you in the right direction. Good luck!

Emotional association with particular foods

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Minimize exposure and availability to these foods by leaving them off the grocery list and preselecting a restaurant that won’t tempt you with indulgent menu items. Meanwhile, build a positive relationship with new healthy foods through weekly recipe experiments.

Cultural influence

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Determine boundaries in portions by restricting your consumption to one small plate while indulging in your cultural connection. Bring at least one healthy option to your cultural events.

Fatigue or boredom

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Athough food may seem like the best answer, you may need to satisfy other needs first including sleep. Set the same bed and wakeup times and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep. If this doesn’t solve your midday lags, you may need new engaging stimulation from your environment, social interactions, or projects instead.

Stress or anxiety

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Recognize your overwhelmed state of being and determine the contributing factors while finding a feeling of peace in the focus on your breath and simplifying your tasks and the demand on yourself.

Unhealthy reward system

Personal Trainer Wisdom: determine the real reward of eating a Snickers bar when you're not hungry and replace this routine with another option that will lead to the same reward. Examples of other routines: Take a break from your monotonous computer work by going for a walk or talking to a coworker.

Environmental cues

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Television commercials, junk food left in the kitchen at work, candy at the cash register....all environmental cues that probably steer you down the unhealthy path. You may need to determine new paths to avoid these triggers (it might just be this simple).

Peer pressure

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Minimize your interaction with peer pressuring individuals while you slowly work on your boundary lines and being assertive in social situations.

Access to healthy options

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Order from a specific list of healthy items from a grocery delivery service before you run out of food and always keep healthy foods you LOVE in your kitchen or packed at your desk (which requires you to experiment with different foods).

The taste and/or texture doesn't appeal to your sense

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Determine the taste-sweetness, saltiness, savory, etc. - or texture - soft, hard, crunchy, etc. - that appeals to you the most and add ingredients aligned with these preferences. These characteristics found in the right foods could satisfy your yearning for more and help you avoid overeating.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness
The Quick List: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Eating Unhealthy (And How to Change It)
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