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Join author and host Michael Moody as he explores what it means to live the life you want with people who do just that….whether they are filmmakers, writers, industry icons, or otherwise in the “The Elements of Being” podcast.

In episode #1, you’ll hear about one woman’s experience searching for her path and how it led to award-winning documentaries. Documentary filmmaker Dana Michelle Cook made a career shift when she realized reality TV wasn’t aligned with her authentic self and purpose. Her first documentary “Girls on the Run” won her an Emmy and her second documentary “The Empowerment Project” found worldwide acclaim as she showcased the careers of ordinary women across the U.S. Dana’s latest effort, “Seeing Brave” takes viewers into the lives of three women who have taken initiative to have an impact and make a change in the lives of others. Most important it reflects her connection to female empowerment and telling the stories of amazing women from around the world. In this episode, Dana and I also explore the narrative of women told on television, our own blind spots in the creative process, the nuances of the writing process, the challenges of sitting with your thoughts, and the morning and evening routines of a filmmaker.

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The Elements of Being Podcast in Chicago

The Elements of Being Podcast in Chicago

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Michael Moody is a personal trainer, author, researcher, motivational speaker, and a lifelong student of the mind and body. His fitness and life-structure programs have helped his clients lose more than 3,000 pounds and transform their lives since 2005. With over 17,500 hours of one-on-one personal training sessions, Michael is beginning a second book-a treatise on rewriting the systems/processes of your life as well as effectively integrating a "non-negotiable" mindset into goal strategy. Michael, recently named on Modern Luxury's "It List", is also known for being the fitness expert on the Biggest Loser/MSN Chicago tour and the former personal fitness trainer for The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS). 

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