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Susan, 64, Business

"Michael's workouts are always enjoyable because there's plenty of variety and it's never boring. I've lost 12 lbs and 6 inches around my waist! I feel great and enjoy the compliments I receive from friends and family. I would tell anyone starting to exercise to use a personal trainer in Chicago as your spring board to a healthier lifestyle."


Melissa, 28, Public Relations

"The arms, legs, and butt....all perfect must-haves...... Michael helped me lose 20 lbs and I look stunning...."


Karen, 45, Owner of Affinity Consulting

"Michael's style is warm and personable. He challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, both pushing you to succeed, yet patient with the process. He listens well to your needs and is both educational and supportive."


Kerry, 41, Consultant/Buyer

"I've lost 10 lbs and dropped my body fat by 9%. I'm in the best shape of my life. This is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself."


Sarah, 27, Second City Actress

"When I made it to the gym, my workout routine of reading US magazine on the elliptical and doing a few tired weight-training routines from college, wasn't feeling terribly effective. Michael is a great personal trainer in large part because he's an excellent teacher. His personal training sessions have taught me how to create a varied and effective workout. Michael consistently explains why we're doing what we're doing.  He is very proactive too! He provides good information about healthy diets that is useful in everyday situations as I start traveling again for work. Michael's just a cool guy, easy to talk to....someone who makes you feel very comfortable as you put yourself in the somewhat vulnerable position of attempting self-improvement...And I've seen results: I look good, my clothes are looser, I drink less and I just feel better about myself."


Sherry, 67, Interior Designer

"After 60 years of being overweight, I feel that I've finally made a breakthrough...I have been actively working with Micheal for over three years..I have lost over 20 pounds...I feel very confident that I can continue...thank you."


Amanda, 24, Event Coordinator

"Over the past 6 months that I've trained my body fat has dropped over 11%. I've also lost 16 lbs and really enjoy exercise now."


Jeannie, 24, Actress

"When I exercised on my own, I expected too much too soon and got too overwhelmed with everyday life, that I started to get really frustrated that I wasn't seeing results. But I spoke to Michael who has been really supportive throughout all of this...He was really positive- keeping my head clear and the energy up. Michael showed to stay motivated and not give up...Having a personal trainer in Chicago definitely made the journey easier."

Susan, A Personal Training Success Story

Susan, A Personal Training Success Story

Jeremy, 27, Business Systems Analyst

"Michael is a fantastic personal trainer who helped me develop an individual personal training plan and dieting strategy. He taught me the core concepts of fitness and nutrition. After 10 months of training, I lost over 30 pounds and 7% body fat (trimming 4 inches off my waistline!)."


Michael, 36, Business Owner

"After 1 month of working out and eating correctly, the weight started to fall off. I have more energy and feel great! I think I eat more now than I did before and I've dropped nearly 40 lbs. My knees and back have never felt better."


John, 41, Project Manager

"It's been almost 3 months since beginning my journey to improve my levels of personal fitness and energy….At this point, new accomplishments occur daily (including the loss of almost 20 lbs to date and the ability to do more push-ups than ever)!"


Jim, 54, Human Resources Director

"Michael has helped me overcome a previous physical injury and the natural physical downsides of aging. He has improved my flexibility and core strength and rehabilitated previous surgeries to the point of being able to play golf almost pain free for the first time in years."


Matthew, 31, Musician

"When I started the program I weighed 153lbs. Now I weigh 170 lbs, my body fat is 10.5%, and my muscles have taken shape. My self-esteem is higher and I've never felt better physically or mentally than I do now. I believe that Michael's personal training programs have changed my life completely for the best!"


Craig, 33, Internal Auditor

"Michael has truly helped me change my life....When I started personal training with Michael in Chicago, I had my weight under control -for the most part. Unfortunately, I was starting to put it back on again and wanted to make real and permanent changes to take control of my weight and lifestyle.  At the time, my body fat was 22.5%. Now, I'm 20 pounds lighter and my body fat is nearly 13%!


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Reviews of Chicago Personal Trainer Michael Moody

Michael has been my personal trainer for the past two years and have had a fantastic experience. In total, I've lost 23 pounds and have kept the weight off since beginning my work with Michael. His custom approach, attention to detail, and motivational style make him a great choice for anyone interested in living a more healthy lifestyle. In addition to fitness, Michael is an expert in nutrition; helping me take the steps to build healthy habits for the long-term.

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Date published: 07/02/2014
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