The 99 Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness Resources I Just Sent My Personal Training Clients

Here is my expansive list of health and fitness resources that I send to my personal training clients at this time of year. You’ll find the answers on how to lose body fat, what to eat for breakfast to lose weight, how to manage stress, why you’re not losing body fat, how to eat on the road, what drinks to avoid, how to approach fitness and avoid injury, how to improve your sleep, how to make your life more efficient, and much more!

Please share this list with anyone (friend, family member, colleague, client, etc.) who wants to change their life and finally see a difference in their health and lifestyle. Also, be sure to bookmark this page and return to it when you're frustrated with your results (which happens to everyone) or need a new idea.

Tip: Skim through this list and find the headlines that are most relevant to your current goals and interests (then spend 20 seconds skimming the article).


What to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Body Fat

-6 Breakfast Items at Starbucks that Will Lead to Weight Gain
-The 17 Healthiest Breakfast Options from a Diner Menu
-"If You're Trying to Lose Weight, Don't Make These 10 Breakfast Mistakes" Review
-“5 Ways Your Breakfast is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss” Review

How to Lose Weight and Body Fat (Without a Personal Trainer)

-The Grocery List that Will Help You Lose Weight (and Live Healthy)
-My Advice to a Friend’s Frustrations While Trying to Lose Weight (And Why it Worked)
-Do This Every Day, and You May Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Months
-Your Business Plan to Lose Weight (or Achieve Optimal Health)

-37 Snack Ideas for Weight Loss (And You Won’t Be Bored)
-"42 Ways to Beat Your Junk Food Cravings" Review
-How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

-The Secret to Losing Nearly 27 lbs!
-Science Confirms Two Ways to Lose Weight Fast
-7 Ways to Lose Weight After 50

-Will Eating at Night Really Make You Gain Weight?
-"6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent Weight Gain" Review
-5 Non-Diet Ways to Trick Yourself into Losing Weight

Managing Your Stress and Anxiety

- What Being a Parent Taught Me About Managing Stress
-5 Morning Habits That Have Made Me More Successful (and Less Stressed)
-How to Overcome Your Anxiety at Work

Why You're Not Losing Weight or Body Fat

-"44 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals" Review
-A List of my Personal Training Clients’ Worst Habits from the Last 13 Years (and Why it Affected Their Weight Loss and Fitness Efforts)
-"5 Bad Things about Detoxing You Don't Know" Review
-"Is vegetarian fast food actually good for you?" Review

-"Best and Worst Meals for Diabetes-Savvy Dining " Review
-“Why Stress Makes You Want to Eat Everything in Sight or Nothing at All” Review
-“Just Say No to That Detox Diet or Juice Cleanse” Review

-The Underlying Influence on Your Weight Loss Failures
-6 Diet Tricks That Are Actually Making You Gain Weight
-"Don't Fall for These 10 Weight-Loss Gimmicks" Review

What You Didn’t Know About the Food You’re Eating

-“10 Trendy Health Foods That Can Threaten Your Waistline” Review
-Weird Facts About Your Food that You’ll Want to Know About

Easy Recipes for Weight Loss

-The Best Spinach Stuffed Salmon Weight Loss Recipe Ever!
-Weight Loss Recipe: Kena's Kale Smoothie
-15 Minute Weight Loss Dinner from Trader Joes

Parenting Tips on Healthy Eating

-5 Ways to Make Your Child a Healthy Eater
-"5 Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids" Review

Why Salads May Not Help Your Weight Loss Goals

-Why Salad is So Overrated
-"25 Salads That Have More Calories Than a Big Mac" Review

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

-"4 Ways to Approach Holiday Eating" Review
-"10 Foods to Give Up for Lent—and How Many Calories You'll Save" Review
-9 Dishes Doctors Won't Eat at Thanksgiving

Best Sources of Protein for Weight Loss

-Save the Cow! Here is a List of Non-Animal Protein Sources
-"45 Vegetarian Protein Sources You Should Be Eating" Review
-36 Ways to Fulfill Your Protein Needs While Losing Weight

Foods You Want to Avoid....And Why!

-"50 Foods You Should Never Eat" Review
-"25 Awful Ingredients Everyone Still Uses—But Shouldn’t!" Review
-"The 10 Dirtiest Foods You're Eating" Review

-11 Foods to Toss Out of Your Kitchen For Good
- “21 Foods that Sound Healthy, But Are Not!” Review

Why You Should Avoid These Drinks

-"20 Coffee Drinks with More Sugar Than a Can of Coke" Review
-How To Fit Alcohol in Your Diet without Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals
-"70 Most Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are" Review
- “The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar” Review

-"The Best and Worst Booze to Drink if You Want to Lose Weight" Review
-4 Ways To Beat Your Diet Soda Addiction In One Week
-How Caffeine Could Prevent You From Losing Belly Fat

How to Eat at Restaurants and Airports and Staying Healthy on the Road

-The "No Messing Around" Guide to Eating Healthy on the Road as a Professional
-“23 Restaurant Foods with Crazy High Amounts of Sugar” Review
-The Personal Trainer's Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling
-How to Eat Healthy at the Airport

What You Need to Know About Fitness

-You’ll Want to Try this At-Home Core and Butt Workout over the Weekend!
-Do you have what it takes to pass this physical test to join the FBI?
-5 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Workouts
-4 Simple Ways to Flatten Your Stomach

-You Should Master These 6 Exercises Before the New Year (And Here's How)
-12 Workout Myths That Just Need To Die
-The 15 Most Common Mistakes Personal Trainers See in the Gym

-“7 Myths About How to Stay in Shape” Review
-“How Much Exercise It’ll Take to Undo 17 Popular Fast Food Items” Review
-“20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day” Review

Injury Prevention

-How I've Prevented More Lower Back Pain in the Last 12 Years (After 2 Bulging Disks)
-End Your Lower Back Pain Today
-"The 21 Worst Things You Can Do For Your Body" Review

-Why Your Office Desk Is Destroying Your Posture (And What You Need To Do)
-Personal Trainer Wisdom: 1 Fitness Myth Unraveled

The Keys to Improve Your Sleep and Reduce Fatigue

-"10 Nighttime Habits that will Transform Your Tomorrows" Review
-49 Reasons You're Always Tired
-11 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight
-This simple addition to your bedtime routine could make a huge difference in your sleep


-4 Quotes That Steer My Approach to Life Right Now
-12 Inspirational Quotes that Have Shaped My Life Over the Last Year

Make Your Life More Efficient

-19 Hacks to Solve the Biggest Problems in Your Life
-How to Create More Time Each Week (And It’s Easier Than You Think)

Resolutions, Goals, Relationships, and the Rest of Life

-The 1 Article that Will Make You Rethink Your Day-to-Day Approach
-7 Ways that Keep My Personal Training Clients Motivated
-Why 'Follow Your Dreams' May Be the Worst Advice You Ever Heard
-Advice My Future (10 Years Older) Self Would Tell Me Today (And Why I Need to Listen)

-”13 Weight Loss Resolutions You Shouldn't Make" Review
-My List of New Year’s Resolutions (and How I’ll Achieve Each)
-The Best All-In (Life Changing) Fitness Plan
-"9 Ways to Ensure Your Relationship Is Built to Last" Review

-99 Ways to Redefine Yourself Today
-Excerpt from the book Redefine Yourself: Define Your Purpose
- 6 Principles That Will Transform Your Professional Approach

Travel Itineraries (and Where to Eat)

-The Detailed Itinerary You Need for a Journey to Lisbon, Porto, and Madrid and the Best Restaurants in Each
-The Detailed Itinerary You Need for a Long Weekend in London and a List of 141 of their Best Restaurants
-The Detailed Itinerary You Need for an Adventure in Australia (You’ll Need to Save This)

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The 99 Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness Resources I Just Sent My Personal Training Clients
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