"10 Nighttime Habits That Will Transform Your Tomorrows" Review

Having trouble falling asleep? With the close of the year, there is plenty to stress about (and I’m sure it doesn’t help your sleep). I’ve dissected a recent article on Livestrong .com and picked out the best ways to redefine how you hit the pillow.

Unplug to Recharge

Even your beloved smartphones can’t go nonstop without being recharged, and your mind is no different. At least 30 minutes before going to bed, turn off all your devices to allow your mind time to relax and unwind. You may notice the inevitable side effect of feeling more present to enjoy the final moments of your day.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Unfortunately, computers and phones stimulate my neurons to caffeine-like levels (even if I am tired). Most often, I need to unhook 120 minutes before bedtime otherwise Ill stare at the ceiling for an hour while trying to sleep. It took a great level of experimenting, and I know the boundary line varies from person to person. I have found that my personal training clients aren't much different, though.


Put down that glass of vino! “Rose all day” on weekends if you want to, but if you want to wake up alert, focused and productive, avoid alcohol before bed. It can lead to frequent sleep interruptions in the later half of the night as blood sugar levels spike. And those disruptions to your REM sleep can cause next-day drowsiness. Try some herbal tea to wind down instead!

Personal Trainer Wisdom: I seriously consider the effects of wine and food on my blood sugar levels….especially before bedtime. Typically, your blood sugar rises to its highest level around 2 hours after your last meal. A similar effect takes place with the consumption of alcohol too (although often sooner due to its simple carb ability to spike the blood stream at a quicker speed). With all this being said, the true effects of this consumption may occur after you crash the pillow and your body will need to respond instead of recover.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Take some time the night before to choose and lay out your wardrobe for the next day. Pack your bag or briefcase too, and don’t forget a healthy lunch! Being prepared the night before makes mornings less hectic and gives you time to consciously ease into your day.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: I’m a man of lists. If my next day isn’t organized, I play out every scenario in my mind like a movie. Of course, my sleep is compromised with this type of brain activation! My hard rule: I don’t let anything sit on my mind. I write it down and often organize those thoughts as fast as they appear.

Have a Pajama Party

Put on those PJs! Experts say that a conscious transition into “bedtime” mode actually helps your body and mind begin to prepare for sleep. Choose something loose-fitting, cool and comfy for optimal relaxation.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: You’re probably wondering “I didn’t know Michael has pajama parties!!!” I don’t, but you shouldn’t judge me if I did! I have established a routine of changing into a pair of comfy pants and a t-shirt every night to cue my relax time. Many of my routines are fairly, well, routine for a good reason. Not only do they eliminate decision fatigue but they also cue a state of comfort (especially before bedtime).

Stick to Your Bedtime

Set an earlier, non-negotiable bedtime for optimal sleep. Getting a full night’s rest (seven to nine hours is the optimal range) gives your body time to replenish. It can help regulate your hormones, recharge your body on a cellular level and refresh your mind as well. A good night’s sleep is one of the best and most scientifically proven ways to enhance our mood, energy, and productivity.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: The body is a creature of routine and depends on its circadian rhythm to reach its most optimal self (homeostasis). It wants to predict your eating and sleeping schedules to efficiently and effectively handle the influx of fuel or recovery time. While it’s important to sleep the most appropriate number of hours, the consistency of your bedtime schedule will also determine its effectiveness. So, literally sticking to my typical bedtime of 11 or 11:30 on most nights has been just as important as the length of sleep for me.

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”10 Nighttime Habits That Will Transform Your Tomorrows” Review
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